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WEDA January 11, 2022 Meeting


3:00 p.m.         Welcome and Introductions – Barbara Petty

 3:05 p.m.         Roll Call/Sound Check – Doreen Hauser-Lindstrom

Attendance:  Barbara Petty, Blake Naughton, Lindsey Shirley, Jon Boren, Kelly Crane, Ed Martin, Shannon Horrillo, Aufa’i Areta, Pete Pinney, Ivory Lyles, Mike Gaffney, Doreen Hauser-Lindstrom.  Guest Don Albrecht.  Vicki McCracken (at 3:40).  Pete Barcinas (at 4:10).

3:10 p.m.         Regional Rural Development Center – 50th Anniversary Proclamation/Resolution – Lindsey Shirley introduced Don Albrecht, Executive Director, Western Rural Development Center

WRDC started 50 years ago with congressional action, originally in Oregon now at Utah State.  Don has led since 1998.  A resolution was attached, requesting endorsement.  Three other centers nationally doing the same thing.  Barbara commented that 50 years is remarkable and should be celebrated.


Motion to endorse the WRDC resolution. Motion by Ivory.  Seconded by Jon.  / Passed unanimously.


3:25 p.m.         WEDA Business Meeting

Approve December Meeting Minutes – Blake Naughton

Motion to endorse December Meeting minutes. Motion by Ed.  Seconded by Aufa’i.  / Passed unanimously.


Old Business:

3:35 p.m.         Public Health Certificate Program – Barbara Petty

Looking for a cohort from Extension for Cornell program. Self-paced, online learning, with weekly facilitated cohort meetings. No applications yet for West.  Due at the end of the week – January 15.  Will be reviewed between Jan 18-25, notify on the 26th, confirm with national on 28th.  Need a committee of reviewers:  Ed, Shannon, and Barbara volunteered.  Doreen will facilitate selection process.


3:45 p.m.         WRAM:  Membership and List of Tenure reviewers – Jon Boren

WRAM membership:  Jon asks directors to ensure that states are involved (regional / district leaders).  Looking to meet in person this spring in New Mexico.  Reach out to Jon or Tom Dean to link in members from the states who would benefit from the group.  Lots of retirements and turnover from these leaders in the states.  Lindsey offered to share a new regional ecosystem proposal of the roles in Colorado (all to be hired).

Tenure/promotion review:  WRAM had facilitated an ad hoc list for out of state promotion/tenure peer reviews.  Jon asked questions about whether this is the best mechanism for such reviews.  Doreen noted that sometimes the regional program area associations are keeping the lists, but that varies by area.  Ed discussed some of the barriers of finding the lists, including not knowing which states are involved.  Consensus for WRAM to continue to maintain the comprehensive list.  If possible, the list needs to be updated.

Action Item:  Send updated lists of WRAM members to Tom Dean, Jon Boren or Doreen. 


New Business:

4:05 p.m.         NUEL (National Urban Extension Leadership) – Ed will lead discussion.

  • Urban Contact List – Ed Martin
  • Steering Committee Nominee – Nominating Committee.

This Western annual appointment begins on January 1, 2022 to Dec. 31, 2024.  Currently WEDA is represented by Eric Killian, from the University of Nevada-Reno, and Sabrina Drill, from the University of California.  The seat that will be vacant on January 1, 2022, was being held by Ed Martin.

Ed discussed evolution of NUEL, which is now headed at Michigan State, with an executive team of 3 members from each region.  There are regular meetings of contacts in the West and action teams.  Ed has not found new leadership as regional representatives. Blake brought up prior WEDA conversations with WCMER.  No recommendations came from directors.  Ivory would hate to see us walk away from supporting the effort.

Western Region Contacts for the National Urban Extension Leaders

Urban Coordinator Job Description

Action item:  Think of a potential Western Region NUEL Steering Committee nominee.  Discuss topic in February.


4:20 p.m.         ECOP Request for Condition Change Impact – Ivory Lyles

Ivory – everyone should have received the request (December 22) from ECOP/Caroline Henney for impact statements.  Due in by January 20.  Ivory gave an example from each program area –  just brief, about 5 sentences.  Jon weighed in that ECOP BLC will use for talking points and strategies.  Doreen would like to receive copies from the Western region, if possible.

Jotform link – at

Action Item:  Submit the impact reports by January 20.


4:30 p.m.         National 4-H Conference Scholarships – Jon Boren

Jon noted that Doreen sent an email on his behalf related to diversifying youth participation the national conference March 20-24 (both face-to-face and virtual).  Funds (~$1000 for in person, ~$400 for virtual) help to defer registration and hotel costs, for current and potential members.  Details in the email as attachments, including an application form.  Due Jan 24.

Action Item:  forward that email to your state 4-H Leader and encourage.


4:40 p.m.         ED Report – Doreen Hauser-Lindstrom

Doreen felt like last month’s conversation was a laundry list of the long list, and wants to concentrate on focused bullets (in attachments).  Last 4 months has been about learning and relationships in starting the role.  Examples of key accomplishments include building relationships with Council of State Governments – West (e.g., workforce prep connections).  Doreen asking:  Western agenda and western perspective – is that as relative as it once was?  Pete P discussed how that needs to be revised.  What is history of POW and ROA?  Shannon shared our role in ensuring needs in federal reporting are met, and the story of impact in the west is told.  Goal with AES directors to have a joint plan of work on communications by March.  Working on more DEI accomplishments with WPOLC.  What is Cultures Collaborative Committee?  No response – must have sunsetted.  Talked with Brian H in Utah, and Doreen asked us to encourage their re-joining.  Jon expressed appreciation for the brief and targeted emails.  Also bringing connections to the national network and other EDs.

Action Item:  turn in Extension Funding Revenue & Expenditure Financial survey – due Jan. 15th.    


4:55 p.m.         Additional agenda items:

Action reminder:  Brad Gaolach is looking for review committee nominations; reply to his email.

Things are getting cancelled again due to COVID.  CARET is likely virtual;  our March in-person meeting with AES in Reno is still likely to continue at this point.


Adjourned at 4:44pm.


Next WEDA Meeting – February 8, 2022 – Barbara Petty



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