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WEDA December 14, 2021 Meeting

Western Extension Directors Association
Meeting Notes
December 14


3:00 p.m. PST   Welcome and Introductions

Called to order by Barbara Petty


Pete Pinney, Wendy Powers, Tom Dean (NMSU), Shannon Horrillo, Anita Azarenko, Lindsey Shirley, Barbary Petty.  Pete Barcinas.  Vicki McCracken, Cody Stone, Ed Martin, Doreen H-L, Carrie Ashe (MT), Alda Norris (AK).  Jeff Goodwin (arriving at 4pm PST).  Frank Burris (arriving at 4pm PST).


WEDA Committee Annual Plan of Work Reports from Committee Chairs

WRAM – Tom Dean and Jon Boren

Tom – Positives:  to have a network and colleagues for sharing ideas.  Mission is to address issues and strategize about related personnel, budget, and management issues.  Full meeting about every 1.5 years, with professional development.  Planning face to face meeting in NM in March.  Working on list of folks across states for P&T reviews.  Some shared concerns about recruitment to get best for field faculty/staff.  Wendy asked about how getting lists for P&T reviews is working (ensuring we are all participating well).  Questions about who is representing our states at WRAM, so Tom is going to reach out to WEDA with a list to ensure we all have the correct individuals connected.  Suggestion from Shannon for WRAM membership to be listed on WEDA website, and suggested that some disciplinary groups already collect some lists for P&T.

Motion to approve WRAM plan of work: Motion by Ed / seconded by Wendy.  Carried unanimously.


WPOLC and WREN– Shannon Horrillo, Carrie Ashe, Alda Norris, and Ivory Lyles

Shannon – WPOLC had face-to-face in AZ.  Starting network on mental health multi-state project being developed around food access, diet quality, and mental health.  Full environmental scan and AFRI conference planning grant to kick off network.  Working on orientation process and buddy system for WPOLC members.  Working on interfacing with ECOP program action teams PATs, particularly DEI and climate.  Working on making sure western region is connected to the national work.  Also working on orientation and professional development around extension competencies.  Rural development group met in Montana to flesh out a larger proposal on rural development.  Wendy – PAT outreach for participation is just beginning.

Alda – WREN – Planning face-to-face at Reno in March as well.  Focus on collecting resources, sharable materials, etc., that are internally reviewed.  Seeking fuller representation especially from the territories.  Blake suggested ensuring a connection to CLD3.


Motion to approve WPOLC & WREN plans of work: Motion by Ed / seconded by Vicki.  Carried unanimously.


WELD – Frank Burris and Lindsey Shirley

Planning team working on Seminar 2 in San Diego Sept 19-22 of 2022, and recruitment and planning for WELD XII.  Virtually all online, and working with interns on webinars.  Continuing on evaluation process, with Utah completing it (despite now being ineligible to participate).  Alda – current WELD intern and has given her ‘courage’ to take on her leadership work.


Motion to approve WELD plan of work:  Motion by Ed / seconded by Wendy.  Carried unanimously.


Celebrate Anita Azarenko!

Resolution read by Lindsey Shirley.  Plaque read by Barbara Petty.


WEDA Business Meeting

Approval of November 9th, 2021, meeting minutes (taken by Kelly in Blake’s absence)

Motion to approve minutes:  Motion by Pete P / seconded by Vicki.  Carried unanimously.


Old Business:



New Business:

Public Health Certificate Program – Doreen Hauser-Lindstrom

Need 5 individuals per region  (Please refer to email message 12/7/21)

From Roger Rennekamp, a public health essentials certificate (80 hours self-paced), with some cohort meetings.  Limited to 5 per region (based on funding).  Will start to advertise and recruit, with applications to Doreen by 1/15.  Will discuss during meeting at 1/11, and will determine selection process depending on volume of applications.



Development of the Financial Module for the NIFA Reporting System – Barbara Petty

Each region will have a representative who reports on 1890 Extension/Smith-Lever and another person who reports on Evan-Allen/Hatch (two representatives per region).

Reps nominated are Joanie for Extension from CA and Jessie Fuentes for AES from CO.

Motion to appoint Joanie Rippie from UC: Motion by Ed / seconded by Vicki.  Carried Unanimously.



ED Report – Doreen Hauser-Lindstrom

Doreen discussed the new reporting system being implemented by NIFA.  Deadline for submission has been moved back to April 1; see handout.  Then wizard report will be due May 2.  New system coming, and e-authentication is now needed for directors.  Need to check in with state representatives on the details of the new tools.


Discussion of Letterhead Options

Motion to approve letterhead sample #2:  Motion by Anita / seconded by Pete P.  Carried unanimously.


Advocacy firm was selected by ECOP / APLU and Lewis-Burke was selected (replacing Cornerstone).  Wendy affirmed the search committee was enthusiastic.

NIFA Director Castille very much wants to understand tribal connections and impacts.  Can lift up these stories to Doreen then to USDA.  Cody – idea to synthesize a story of the west working with indigenous communities and insular areas.

ACTION:  Doreen will contact Cody to start the creation of a western collaborative impacts story focused n highlighting Extension in impacts with indigenous communities and insular areas. 


ED Plan of Work

Doreen has updated the ED plan of work.  Kept most from Lyla’s version.  Also added new steps (in blue font in the attachment) in plan.  Pete, Barbara, others concerned about volume.  Will report on accomplishments in January.

Motion to approve ED plan of work revisions:  Motion by Pete P / seconded by Ed.  Carried unanimously.


Additional agenda items:

Pete B. raised a question for discussion on how states facilitate joint appointments, how to appoint extension faculty (moving from 9-month to 12-month faculty, etc.), allowing to quickly onboard interested, existing faculty.  Discussion centered on flexibility and potential cross-unit tensions.  Wendy offered an idea to grant the funds to units as grants with outcomes (not tied to personnel), or contract / trial basis for working with faculty in new areas.  Pete sees the ‘grants’ approach as an innovative way to not be asking for FTE but funding outcomes.


Adjourned 4:56 p.m. (PST)


Next WEDA Meeting – January 11, 2022 – Barbara Petty

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