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WEDA October 19, 2021 Meeting

Western Extension Directors Association
Meeting Notes
October 19, 2021



Welcome and Introductions – Cody Stone

Roll Call/Sound Check – Doreen Hauser-Lindstrom

WGA Leadership Institute – Jim Ogsbury, WGA Executive Director

Passing of the Gavel – Cody Stone


WEDA Business Meeting

Approve August 24th Meeting Minutes – Barbara Petty

Old Business:

The Future of LGU’s – Blake Naughton

  • The Changing Needs of Extension: White paper update

WEDA Website – Identification of NIFA – Doreen Hauser-Lindstrom

  • Extension Foundation

New Business:

ECOP Committee Updates:

  • Executive Committee:  Wendy Powers
  • Programs: Ivory Lyles
  • Professional Development:  Barbara Petty
  • BLC and 4-H Leadership Committee:  Jon Boren
    • 4-H Equity Committees – Jon Boren and Doreen Hauser-Lindstrom
    • Call for Extension Director and 4-H Youth Development Program Leader Co-Chairs
    • The four Implementation Teams are:
      1.  Organizational Assessments + Data Governance & Measurement
      2. Youth Development Professionals
      3. Partnerships + Programmatic Funding + Programs
      4. Governance and Accountability + Infrastructure Funding

Support Letter for Ag Research, Innovation, and Facilities – Barbara Petty and Wendy Powers

Nominations Committee – Kelly Crane, Barbara Petty, Wendy Powers

  • BLC – Cody Stone (New 3 tear term)
  • WRDC Board –  (To complete Anita’s Term (Dec. 20-23)

EDA Report – Doreen Hauser-Lindstrom

  • NIFA Regional liaison
  • WEDA and WAAESD Communications Steering CommitteeDoreen Hauser-Lindstrom
    • Propose Project
    • Recruit:  Extension Director(s) and Communications Specialists
  • State Extension Funding Survey
  • FRTEP Grant Prep

Future Monthly WEDA Meetings – Barbara Petty

  • Propose:  2nd Monday of every month
  • 3:00 – 5:00 p.m.



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