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WEDA May 10, 2022 Meeting

Western Extension Directors Association
Meeting Agenda
May 10, 2022


3:00 p.m: Welcome and Introductions – Barbara Petty

  • Meeting called to order at 3:07 p.m.

 3:05 p.m: Roll Call/Sound Check – Doreen Hauser-Lindstrom

  • Barbara Petty, Jeff Goodwin, Cody Stone, Wendy Powers, Pete Pinney, Ivory Lyles, Jon Boren, Kelly Crane, Vicki McCracken, Blake Naughton, Ed Martin, Pete Barcinas (joined late) and Doreen Hauser-Lindstrom.  Guest Shannon Horrillo.

3:10 p.m: Recognize Shannon Horrillo – Jon Boren

  • Jon read the resolution acknowledging Shannon’s contributions, honoring her as she moves on to her position as Division Director, of the Division of Youth and 4-H, Institute of Youth, Family, and Community at USDA NIFA.


WEDA Business Meeting

3:25 p.m: Approve March WEDA Meeting Minutes – Blake Naughton

  • Motion for approval by Ivory, seconded by Wendy. Passed unanimously.

Old Business:

 3:30 p.m: WEDA Awards – Ivory Lyles

  • WPOLC awards reviewed by committee. Both awards recommended from WSU.  Award of Excellence for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion was from Washington State University Extension Parenting Team and the Award of Excellence in Programming was the WSU Extension Forestry Program.
  • ACTION: Motion for approval by Ivory to approve the committee’s recommendations, seconded by Wendy. Passed unanimously.


New Business:

 3:45 p.m: ECOP Updates – Wendy Powers, Ivory Lyles, Barbara Petty, Cody Stone Jon Boren

Executive Committee:  Wendy Powers

  • Discussions coming to ECOP from the National 4-H Council in June on the 4-H name and emblem issues.
  • It is time of the year to discuss ECOP priorities and process for determining.
  • The national vote approved a APLU standing committee on communications. Will first work on communication devices and impact statements on health equity, workforce development, climate change, and DEI.  Those drafts will be at the Joint COPs meeting.
  • Wendy Powers has taken a new position (Dean of the College of Agriculture, Human, and Natural Resource Sciences) effective August 15, 2022. WEDA and ECOP discussing the transition of roles.

Professional Development:  National Awards – Barbara Petty

  • Western region has 2 nominations for team award. Need 2-3 directors to serve on review committee, due back by June 23.  ACTION:  Pete Pinney, Ed Martin, and Vicki McCracken volunteered.
  • Learning for Leaders was held last week. The committee is planning for another session the first Friday in July.

 Programs:  Ivory Lyles

  • The Workforce Program Action Team (PAT) is working on grants, especially related to the NIFA RFA on workforce and youth development.

3:55 p.m: Nominations Committee – Kelly Crane, Barbara Petty, Wendy Powers

  • 2022-23 National Committee members, Liaisons and Regional Assignments
    • Document of assignments submitted for review, including replacement of Wendy as she moves to her new position August 15, 2022. Wendy is willing to complete her term as ECOP chair through NEDA at the end of September.  Wendy further discussed the status of the various committee assignments.
    • Barbara talked through other impending vacancies, and called on incumbents to describe the duties.
    • Looking at NUEL representation, it was discussed whether 3 reps plus WCMER representation was adequate. Ed will discuss with Brad Goalach and NUEL colleagues.
    • ACTION: Let nominations committee (Barbara, Kelly, Wendy) know of interest and to volunteer by June 1.

4:25 p.m: NRS Combined Research and Extension Working Group – Doreen Hauser-Lindstrom

  • 1 WR Extension representative requested
    • NIFA needs a national reporting system working group refresh. Adding 3 new extension members, in addition to current members.
    • ACTION: Blake and Pete Barcinas volunteered, and Kelly nominated Kim Reaman from WY.

 4:30 p.m: Discuss Processes and Principles Document – Wendy Powers

  • Based on an attached draft document from ECOP, Wendy discussed a new, clearer process to nominate and ECOP select programmatic, budget, or policy priorities. These will be reviewed and selected annually during NEDA.
  • Wendy further discussed the second part of the document, describing draft ways new partner or funding opportunities may move through ECOP.
  • Barbara and Ivory expressed appreciation for the work and the document, particularly for Wendy’s leadership in this. Blake suggested ECOP assess how it is working after a couple of cycles.

4:45 p.m: Draft 2023 Budget – Doreen Hauser-Lindstrom

  • Draft submitted. Will be approved in June.
  • Doreen discussed projections for the end of the fiscal year ending June 30. Also estimated increased support staff and web staff expenses.  Next year’s travel anticipates increased costs.
  • 5 states paid extra this year; may apply that to next year.
  • Assessments proposed for FY23 the same as FY22. We will reduce the budget for states not paying (Utah) and not spread to other states.
  • Motion to assess for FY23 at FY22 rates, seconded by Kelly. Passed unanimously.

4:55 p.m: ED Report – Doreen Hauser-Lindstrom

Spring Joint meeting – Location Rotation & State Reports- discussion

  • Question as to whether to continue substantive discussions at the June meeting: Consensus – yes.
  • Question do we want to rotate the spring meeting or just Reno: consensus – rotate.
  • Council of State Governments asked for information on fire infrastructure, on work in mental health, and on work related to Ukraine. Names were submitted to Doreen, who will follow up with an email.
  • Pete Pinney: Communicators and evaluators invited to a meeting to further discussion on impact stories, 5/11 at 2pm.

Details for Summer Joint Program Meeting

  • The summer joint meeting meets in California Monday June 27 at 3pm through Thursday June 30 at 10am (noon if doing the WCMER review).
  • Wendy suggests that Oakland is the best option (it’s on BART and go straight to hotel).

Next meeting:  Tuesday, June 14th, 2022  (There will not be a July WEDA meeting)

 Adjourned at 4:46 p.m.

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