Western Extension Leadership Development (WELD)

by benmac@extension.org | July 19, 2021 1:29 pm

What is WELD?

A two-year leadership skills development program for Extension program faculty, agents, advisors, educators and specialists in the Western United States and territories/protectorates.

History & Objectives

In 1999, the Western Extension Directors Association created the Western Extension Leadership Development (WELD) committee, representing the 13 western states and 4 Pacific territories/protectorates, to investigate and develop a regional leadership training program for Extension professionals. Specific objectives are to have participants:

Dynamic Learning Experiences

Important Dates


The fee for the 15-month program is $1,800 per intern. This fee is generally covered by the intern’s Extension organization. The fee includes registration for two WELD seminars, leadership inventory activities, communication, training sessions, materials, and some meals. The registration fee does not include travel, lodging, and some meals, and is not refundable once an individual begins the WELD program.

2023 WELD Work Plan

Source URL: https://weda.extension.org/committees/weld/